cuss2revolt – add yer naughty word to the O.E.D (Obscene Expressions Depository)

The O.E.D’s a hidey-hole for naughty words banned by Mortlangue and the Censors. I nicked it off The Nameless and the & rebels. Gives a Grunt like me words to play with in the story I’m telling yer.

Yer can add a cuss all of yer own to the O.E.D. An original word, one made up in yer head. Best cusses may even help me tell this tale and make an appearance in the story of “&”. So, if you wanna cuss4ever, lob yer swear into the box below. Yer got a word worth cussing, I’ll drop it in the O.E.D. and put it in me story, “&”. You’ll get a credit as a cuss contributor.

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